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Welcome to SUNKATS!

General Information

Sunkats is a CFA affiliated all breed cat club located in and around Portland Oregon. Our club was initially formed in the Phoenix area and later moved to the Bay Area. In 1997 it was transferred to Oregon. Although it rains alot in Oregon, the club felt the name suited our outlook on and decided to keep the name.

We are affiliated with the Cat Fanciers Association the largest registry of pedigree cats in the world. Our club is an all breed club because we have members that raise many different breeds. Please take a look at our membership list and visit our members cattery pages to find out more about our breeds.

Sunkat's membership is over 17 strong and growing. Our members are located throughout the Oregon Coast and Oregon as well as Washington and California. We are able to have a widely spread membership because our meetings are "virtual" conducted via teleconferencing once a month.