When Dogs Need Personal Space

Whether you have the most expensive dog breeds at home or a lovely Labrador, there are times when a dog needs some personal space. To be honest, a lot of people don’t think that’s true and most pet owners wouldn’t think about giving a dog space and yet it’s a vital importance of any dog. Remember, dogs are not attractions, they are pets and usually a part of the family and, just like children and adults, they need some personal space as well. However, when does a dog need some personal space?

They Don’t Have to be at Your Side 24/7

Remember that dogs love you and you love them but they are not supposed to be glued to your hip 24/7. They should be able to go off to a quiet corner of the home and do what they want to; whether it’s sleeping, just relaxing or playing with their dog toys. Dogs absolutely should be encouraged to have some personal space, even if it’s only for 30 minutes a day. This will help to keep the dog refreshed and feel at ease too. You can offer the dog homemade dog treats and show them with every gift under the sun but again, they need some personal space. It’s good for dogs to have a little time to themselves so they can be just dogs. for more details, visit https://doggiefetch.com

Big Parties and Lots of New Faces

Some animals do not like large gatherings for a number of reasons and sometimes having a dog around where there are lots of new faces for them and lots of loud goings on, it’s maybe not the best. Dogs can get scared of people they don’t know or aren’t familiar with and sometimes it’s best to give them some personal space during a party or when there are lots of guests over. This gives the dog time to relax and calm down and feel more at ease knowing he or she doesn’t have to be paraded around with a bunch of strangers. It might sound a bit odd to some pet owners but it’s very important. Even the most expensive dog breeds want time away, especially when there are lots of new faces around. Dogs are playful but also very wary of new people.

Balance is Crucial

It’s important the dog isn’t shut away for hours at a time by themselves but it’s also very important to allow them time to themselves. It’s sometimes difficult to get the balance right which is why if your dog is very clingy you should gradually leave them alone so they can have personal space. It’s not that you’re abandoning the dog but rather allowing them to have time alone. They can enjoy homemade dog treats and play with their favorite toys as well and the time apart—even if it’s just 30 minutes—can be very useful. Dogs also want time alone to do whatever they please.

Give a Dog Some Personal Space

Giving a dog personal space might not sound right to some pet owners and yet it’s an important part of the dog’s routine. Yes it might feel as though you are abandoning them but you are not. Dogs need some personal space to do whatever they want and sometimes it can recharge and refresh a dog’s spirit. You don’t need to lock a dog away, however, and you can enjoy a good relationship with one another. Even the most expensive dog breeds need personal space. The best way to give your dog some personal space is to build them their own dog house.

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